Press: Local 12 Interview 'From Fitness to Flipping'

I am honored to have been invited to the morning show at Local 12 WKRC to talk about how I transitioned from a 10-year career in the fitness industry into flipping homes and doing design work for homeowners. It was a fun experience and I think turned out nicely. Here is a link to the segment that aired live this morning.

I didn't get a chance to specifically talk about how one would go about getting started in the flipping business, but people contact me frequently asking just that. It's not something I can easily answer in a simple email or an Instagram message, but I often refer people to a getting-started e-book from my own mentor Wendy Doris of Flippin Wendy Design. She's been at it 10+ years and was critical to helping me to started. If a career change into flipping homes is something that interests you, definitely check out her book!