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6 Secrets to a High Home Appraisal

Anyone who has ever sold a home, whether their personal home or an investment property (such as a flip) knows how much hinges on the appraisal. If the appraisal comes back low, you make less money on the sale than anticipated or go back to the market hoping for another shot with a different buyer and appraiser. Or if you’re trying to refinance your property to get rid of PMI, secure a home equity line of credit (HELOC), your bank will order an appraisal. So what is an appraisal, why does it matter, and is there anything YOU can do to help your property appraise as high as you need (or want) it to? The answer is YES. Check out this video I created sharing what I personally do each time I’m selling or refinancing a property to ensure I get a strong appraisal—it hasn’t failed me yet!

Press: Cincinnati Refined + Local 12 Feature 'Park Place' Design

We love our friends at Cincinnati Refined. They feature all kinds of great arts/cultural happenings in Cincinnati, and always showcase the most amazing homes from local designers. They also recently featured a design project we did for local investor/flipper Kevin Geraci of Flipping Cincy (see more pics of “Park Place” on our Portfolio Place). Here’s the slideshow of our work along with the brief story of how Kevin brought a community together and made his flip into a charitable cause.

Soon after, Local 12 chatted with a Cincinnati Refined editor live about the flip, which you can see below (note that our segment begins at about the 2:00 mark):

Bungalow Renovation Progress


After months of design, planning and construction, we are approaching the final stage of work on this large brick bungalow that sits on a gas-lit street just one block from the Pleasant Ridge business district. The existing second floor was basically unusable when we bought it: with just a 4-foot-wide section of headroom and tapered ceilings from all sides, it simply didn't function as usable square footage. So we worked with an architect to completely remove the second story create a full-size second floor with almost 1,400 square feet of additional space.

Now, the "big brick bungalow" is a 4-bedroom, 3.5-bathroom home with 2,750 square feet of living space above grade. Because we fully gutted the home and reworked its floor plan, it's full of features that many old houses in these popular Cincinnati neighborhoods lack: multiple large closets, a massive master suite, a first-floor guest suite, a first-floor office, a second floor laundry/craft room, a bonus/"play" room, fully open-concept living space, a new garage and more. Basically new construction from the inside out, the only thing about the home that is original is the brick exterior of the first floor and the basement/foundation.

We expect to finish work on this property by the end of March 2018. Stay up to date with our progress on our Instagram account for details and progress photos of this home, and check out the design finishes we've selected (tile, vanities and lighting) on our Pinterest board.

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Press: Local 12 Interview 'From Fitness to Flipping'

I am honored to have been invited to the morning show at Local 12 WKRC to talk about how I transitioned from a 10-year career in the fitness industry into flipping homes and doing design work for homeowners. It was a fun experience and I think turned out nicely. Here is a link to the segment that aired live this morning.

I didn't get a chance to specifically talk about how one would go about getting started in the flipping business, but people contact me frequently asking just that. It's not something I can easily answer in a simple email or an Instagram message, but I often refer people to a getting-started e-book from my own mentor Wendy Doris of Flippin Wendy Design. She's been at it 10+ years and was critical to helping me to started. If a career change into flipping homes is something that interests you, definitely check out her book!